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From my Clients

“Jeff is a highly skilled strategic thinker, both able to consider the big picture vision of an organization and to map out the steps necessary to achieve that bigger picture…
I found him to be a skillful collaborator, to always meet deadlines and a pleasure to work with.”

Karen Milgate

Blue Deer Centre, NY

We found Jeff’s advise and his ability to grasp our business invaluable in producing a website that our users really engaged with.  The website ranked well in Google and converted excellently to supplying my business with its only source of sales enquiries.

Angus Kinloch

Managing Director, Skiline

“I have known Jeff Bartlett for ten years and have come to appreciate his thoughtfulness and his ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing. Even my current marketing expert within the organization has been impressed by his ability to conceptualize and execute a marketing plan that uses the latest best practices.”

Lawrence I. Messerman

Executive Director, Sacred Fire

“Jeff is a talented graphic designer with a business mind. Not only did he create a beautiful and functional website for me, he also gave suggestions from a business development point of view – asking me questions which prompted me to thinking about my business and having more clarity. He did way more than building my website… I recommend Jeff without reservations.”

Elaine Lo

Director, Petlo UK

“Jeff is creative and practical and has solid business experience. He is prepared to go the extra mile to make sure his clients get a great solution/website and he’s good at finding additional functionality when it’s needed. Jeff can be relied upon to deliver what he says he’s going to. He was prepared to challenge our design ideas where he could see a more effective way of doing things – in other words it feels like Jeff is part of the business team not just a supplier and it’s great working with him. “

Pete Sutton

Director, Petlo UK

Jeff’s graphic design/brand work has moved me from one income bracket to another. It clarified to me who I am in the world in a way that actually helps me to deliver my courses with more clarity to the exact right people that need them and will resonate with them.

It’s quite amazing when you suddenly see and feel the impression of who you are in your business being reflected back to you in colour, font and image design. 
I never knew the right brand, designed by the right designer, could have so much power to motivate me to put myself out in the world and deliver!”
Shelley Harrison


What I offer

From a simple website to a complex marketing campaign.
For a small business just getting started to an established
large enterprise.

Strategic planning

I’ll take the time to get to know where you are and where you would like to be. Then we’ll collaborate to produce a strategic vision and map the steps to achieving your goals.


Marketing is the intersection between you and your audience. I’ll work with you to develop your brand and the systems to support it to ensure you achieve effective engagement at all the potential touch points.

Digital media

With billions of websites, social media and overflowing inboxes, establishing or maintaining a presence in the digital world can be daunting. I offer over 20 years experience producing websites and the marketing to support them.

Generating New Ideas

for over 20 years


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