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Home School Resources for Johns Class

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Welcome to our Class website! This is an exciting new adventure. It will take effort, time and patience to work really well; but I’m confident that we are up for the challenge! I wanted to outline for everyone what the content on the website is looking to support and how you can get the most from the resources I will be providing.

I have already forwarded to your parents an outline of what your daily rhythm might become. For you all, I would be very proud if you rose to meet the challenge of continuing with our class studies at home. You are very familiar with the format of a daily morning main lesson. I would like you to help your parents continue with this, using the slightly adapted format below. This means;

  • Verse, followed by some singing
  • Circus skills then maths practice
  • Watch a presentation and/or start to pull together the information you will need for your book work
  • Plan out your written work and how you are going to illustrate this
  • Work for around an hour on your bookwork with a strong artistic element
  • Look to begin your ‘school’ day by 10am and certainly before 2pm

The website will contain lots of resources, and the project guideline will outline what you need to put in your books (I am also looking for you to be inspired to research topics that capture your imagination and include elements to surprise and delight!).

The resources will generally fall into the following categories, click the green words to go to each section:

I will try as much as possible to give each resource a title and label it Section1,2, 3 etc. So, for instance, if you are stuck for what to write in Section 1 (Dark Ages or Early Middle Ages), you will look at the resources labelled ‘Section1’ and see if they help. If not, watch the Section 1 presentation again, make some notes, and do some independent research. If you are still stuck and your parents can’t help, you can leave a comment on the comments page, or your parents can contact me by email.

Good luck everyone. Leave me comments and I will get back to you.



John is keen to hear your comments and comments from the children on the work and videos, CLICK HERE to go to a page where you can make and read everyones comments.

Home Ed Main Lesson

Section 1 – The Middle Ages

Section 2- The Feudal System

Isaacs maths


John maths


Circle time activities


Calligraphy guide

calligraphy no: 1

Easter project

scratching eggs


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