Photographers Assistant, Kim Hooper Photography

Date: May 1988 – September 1989

The summer of 1988, the second summer of love as it came to be known, was a transformative time for me in many ways. Not least of which was that I was fortunate to meet the man who would encourage me to pick up on my love of drawing and mentor me through a year of preparing a portfolio and applying to attend Chelsea College of Art, at the time one of the most prestigious art colleges in the country. Inspired by what I was learning about the great Henri Cartier Bresson and Don McCullin and their views on the need for intimacy and feeling in portrait photography I set out to take a series of street portraits in my home town of Reading.

Using an SLR and 50mm lens meant I would need to be very close to the subjects and engage with them in order to get the shots. It turned out to be a wonderful experience in getting to know strangers and experiencing how for some the request and engagement was welcome while others found the idea intrusive and would cross the road to avoid having their photo taken. 

All these photos were hand developed, printed and retouched inspired by the books of Ansel Adams


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